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About Us

We are a full-service property management company that has over 21 years of experience in the industry. Family owned and operated with an enormus connection to the community and third-party companies.

We are located on the Eastern Shore based in Delmar, DE. We are available to serve the entire Eastern Shore community and are willing to reach further depending the client.


Below are a list of general service areas that our company offers. We typically offer these services in combination with others; however, we build packages based on the client's need.

Investment Property Management

Managing a rental home can be incredibly time-consuming. From marketing the property, screening tenants, coordinating the move-in, collecting rent, and overseeing repairs, it can be a lot of work. Our property management service allows you to take those burdens off your shoulders. Let us do the heavy lifting!

Land Clearing

We remove hardscape and landscaping debris such as trees, tree stumps, boulders and brush. We also remove trash and unwanted items all to prepare your property for your next project. Let us do the work.

Landscape Design

Don't know how to best beautify your property? Want an easy to maintain but a luxurious cost effective design? Let us take the burden off of your plate. With our 30 years of landsscape design experience, we can design a cost effective plan to fit your every need. Let us do the work.

Property Maintenance

We have a group of highly qualified maintenance workers that specialize in small repair for that everyday problem. We also specialize in exterior maintenance such as trash collection, mowing, raking, and basic clean-up. Let us do the work!


Our team consist of a wife and husband combined with several independent contractors and internal workers. We pride ourselves on being a family business with a hands-on approach. We are constantly looking for growth opportunities to expand our team to allow ours services to expand.

Shaqueya Hayward

Chief Executive Officer

DeAndre Hayward

Chief Operations Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What other services do you offer?

    We offer a range of services including rental property advertising, tenant screening and selection, lease preparation and execution, rent collection, property maintenance and repairs, rent increase supervision, lease renewals, and tenant communication.

  • We have a thorough process of screening potential tenants, which includes checking their credit history, conducting background and criminal checks, verifying income, and contacting previous landlords.

  • We currently have a maintenance and repair system in place to promptly handle repairs, maintenance, and any emergencies. Depending on the repair, we have a number of in-house maintenance staff to handle immediate emergencies as well as having a list of approved vendors that are available to assist unit's owner.

  • Our property management fees vary depending on the services offered, and the number of units managed. Fees can be structured as a percentage of the monthly rent, a flat fee per unit, or a combination of both.
    Other services offered are dependent upon size of site which will be available after a site surevy is completed.

  • We currently have a system in place to collect rent payments from tenants and ensure on-time payment both online and manual. If a tenant is late with payment, the property manager will handle any necessary communications, late fees, and legal actions if required.



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